It is important (for future owners)

Dear visitor, if you decided to buy a kitten from me, please read the information on this page carefully.

To make our interaction swift and pleasant, I would appreciate it if you can provide the following information about yourself when you get in touch:

Your name and where you live. Whether you have children and their age.

If you live in a house, does it have a fence to protect kitten from walking unaccompanied on the street? If you live in an apartment, is your balcony glazed? How secure are your windows? Do you have a protective window net?

Have you had a cat before? Do you have any other pets at home?

In relation to the kitten:

Do you want a sire (male) or a dam (female)?

Have you decided on a colour?

Please be aware that if a kitten is purchased as a pet it will have to be spayed/neutered. Neutering is a necessity for male cats. This is very easily explained – spraying. Unneutered tom cats will usually start spraying once they reach a sexual maturity; this is in their nature and neither you nor your cat is able to do anything about it. You and your cat should enjoy your life together and have fun.

Last but not least, before bringing a kitten into your home, please consider how much you want to have a new family member. Kitten is not a thing, it is a living creature, which, just as a small child, will require your attention and care.

I feed my cats only premium cat food and would expect only the best quality food for my kittens. In no circumstances cats should be given any scraps from the table.

Kittens are like small children, they love to play and sometimes, unfortunately, will require a veterinary care and vaccination. By taking a kitten you need to understand that it will be your responsibility to provide all necessary care to the kitten and take care of it in case it gets sick.

If you are ready to take this responsibility, you are more than welcome to get in touch and I can answer all questions you might have and assist you in any possible way.

Be aware that when buying a kitten we will sign a contract, so I would recommend you to read it carefully.

Thank you!